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Our Strategy

Flock of Birds has been founded to address the high rate of youth unemployment now, bridge the existing gap between learning and earning by enabling young people to develop skills for the future and to ignite a local economy.

The problem
Many African countries are working hard to realize quality education and good infrastructure to make it possible for businesses to start, expand and thus create more employment possibilities. But at the moment a high number of youth is unemployed because there are no sustainable local jobs and they need to migrate to other areas to find work. At the same time their education level and the skills they are trained in will, in many cases, not be sufficient for the future. The labour force in any country consists of low, mid and high level trained employees. Not only entrepeneurs, not only managers, not only production employees. Additional education and working skills are therefore needed. But, they need to earn money now to maintain their families.

Our approach

We combine creating local jobs, developing a local economy and developing a diverse labour force for the future.

Flock of Birds works closely with local communities, organisations and individuals. We build on the foundation of successful basic vocational skills training programs and employ the graduated youth in our small production businesses. We offer them the possibility to enter a paid 2-year bridging scheme, starting with an internship of 3 months. After a successful internship they start a programme for 9 more months on the job skills training and additional coaching and education. When they have successfully finished this first year, they will stay employed by Flock of Birds for a minimum of 1 more year. This way we create immediate employment in local businesses, develop skills for a future economy and build the capacity of the young generation.

Due to lack of good infrastructure and the distances between communities and towns in the areas we work, small businesses are the best business model. Flock of Birds aims to expand to more and more locations and thus ignite the start of an sustainable economy.

When applicable Flock of Birds will support and create resources for the youth that want to develop their individual skills further. All our activities are designed to invest in Africa’s young generation.

To create income from the sales of products and for new product development we open Flock of Birds design studio & shops.

The Flock of Birds backbone facilitates marketing, distribution and sales of the Flock of Birds products in local shops, other African countries and export to Europe to fund the social mission.