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Vision and Mission


Youth in African countries have developed skills that match their capacities and the demand on the local and/or global labour market. They will be able to find long term employment in a strong social economy and can thus lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

Our social mission

The Flock of Birds team believes in the concept of combining learning and earning to meet the urgent need of the African youth for employment, development of skills and personal growth.

In our local Flock of Birds businesses we employ youth who have graduated from vocational training programmes. During their employment we add on training of job-specific skills, additional coaching, support and education for further personal development.

Our main activities:

– Set up local businesses to develop and produce products that meet the demands of local and export markets;

– Involve young African designers to develop a portfolio of Flock of Birds products.

– Develop a strong climate for product development, innovation and design

– Activate a model for Learning while Earning in the local businesses.

– Monitor, support and guide personal development of employees

– When applicable supply means for further personal development

– Build a successful brand to guarantee a sustainable business

– Sell Flock of Birds products through local businesses, web shop or other online channels.

– Sell Flock of Birds customized products for businesses

– Research opportunities for additional funding or investors.