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Who are we?

Flock of Birds is an initiative from a team of individuals with a lot of experience in development and business. The social enterprise was founded in 2012 by Arnold en Mieke Zwart and together with the team they are committed to invest in the young people of Africa.

New times need new measures in a new structure. The position where many developing countries are in now has changed. The globally changed ecosystem of international development challenges us to rethink the way we can best support countries in catching up.

When you are poor it does not matter whether you are young or old, the only way to change your situation is to work. For that you need local businesses to work in and skills that are needed.

Flock of Birds creates jobs by starting local Flock of Birds small businesses where we employ the local youth, teach them how to make products that are in demand and coach them further in developing their working skills.

Flock of Birds brings together expertise and resources from the Netherlands, South Africa and Uganda. Explore our site and learn more on how we do that.

Our definition of a social enterprise:

“An organization that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximising profits for external shareholders. We do not aim to offer any benefit to our investors, except where we believe that doing so will ultimately further our capacity to realise our social and environmental goals.”

Basic rules that guide our activities:

–  Our economic and social mission must stay consistent with a public or community benefit in the countries we work.

–  We will derive a substantial portion of our income from trade;

–  We will reinvest the majority of our profit/surplus in the fulfillment of our social mission.